Apple A1618 Battery


A1618 Battery (6 Cells)

Main Battery Pack 11.26V 8440mAh
  • 8440 mAh Capacity
  • 6 Number of Cells in Battery
  • 1 YEAR Warranty
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  • Technical specifications
    • Quick search number: DF6P4T
    • Warranty: 1 YEAR
    • Function battery performs: Laptop , Main power battery for portable computers
    • Battery Chemistry: Lithium polymer , Lightweight rechargable
    • Voltage: 11.3 V
    • Capacity: 8440 mAh
    • Watt hours: 95 Wh
    • Number of Cells in Battery: 6
    • Weight: 426 g
    • Dimensions: 330 mm x 115 mm x 8 mm
    • Charger Battery Ports: 0
    • Brand Name: 2-Power branded product.

  • This is a great product, packaged really well, comes with a good selection of tools including the 2 special screwdrivers you need to open a Macbook Pro, the instructions say you need to use rubbing alcohol to free up the glue holding the original battery in place so you will need to order this separately as it obviously doesn't come with the battery, the original battery is really well stuck down and none of the tricks i tried like cutting wire etc worked and you're limited by space and the fact that if you get it wrong you could damage the old battery or cause it to explode, the instructions where spot on, once i got the alcohol it was really easy. Just follow the instructions and you'll nail it in around an hour.

    By Paul on 03 Feb 23 09:17 See more

    Reliable battery replacement for MACs - avoid Amazon!

    By Kwok on 15 Aug 22 17:32 See more

    Superb. Great instructions, and surprisingly easy to fit. Everything was in the box except the alcohol required to dissolve the glue, but I had some of that anyway!

    By Toxic Needle on 09 Aug 22 18:04 See more

    Extremely good value replacement for my bloated and depleted Mid 2015 15” MacBook Pro battery pack. Came with tools required to open up the laptop and really clear instructions. Use YouTube for tips on getting your existing batteries out. I did mine before this arrived but they do suggest an alternative method I didn’t try. Really happy with the laptop now, battery lasts ages and it’s silent again as I used the opportunity to clean out the dust (fans off and cleaned as well as replacing the heat sync compound on the graphics chip and cpu).

    By Philip on 17 Nov 21 07:10 See more

    I needed to replace the battery on my Macbook as it had started to cut out randomly. I was pleased to find Duracell offered a compatible one. It came with easy to follow fitting instructions and care guide. So far so good. Works as it should, possibly better than the original.

    By Imogen on 07 Apr 21 12:58 See more

At Duracell Direct we are proud to offer our customers a choice of Duracell laptop accessories alongside Original Brand parts where available. In some instances we may also offer a compatible solution from carefully selected brands such as 2-Power to compliment our range or to cover models that Duracell do not currently cover. 2-Power products are tested to the highest standards and manufactured using high quality components to deliver outstanding performance. Everything you'd expect from Duracell Direct.

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