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Review ID 4500471206 By ian on 15 Sep 23 08:25 Verified Purchase

working well

Review ID 4500304312 By Paul on 22 Jun 21 18:23 Verified Purchase

100% better than the last replacement battery I bought. The computer, which has been troublesome for some time, is performing as I remember and we don't have to fight with it or wait until it decides to be of some use to us.

Review ID 4500278639 By Robin on 25 Feb 21 16:17 Verified Purchase

It is a perfect replacement battery fitting well and working great.

Review ID 4500274326 By Dorothy on 07 Feb 21 11:39 Verified Purchase

Arrived on time. Battery works perfectly.

Review ID 4500127660 By James on 02 Feb 21 14:46 Verified Purchase

Clear instructions. Easily fitted.

Review ID 4500258795 By Mohamed on 11 Dec 20 10:08 Verified Purchase

Works perfectly as expected.

Review ID 4500223608 By Saq on 30 Jul 20 19:41 Verified Purchase

Bought this for my Lenovo G70 70 laptop that I've had for 4 or 5 years. I already had he Lenovo battery but was only getting 2 and a half hours from it. I needed more time due to work. Received the battery and charged it up fully. I discharged first time by leaving the laptop on. It took 4 hours and 25 minutes to discharge and almost 5 hours to discharge on battery saver mode. This is just letting it discharge without use. For work purposes, I managed to get just less than 4 hours. I would recommend this replacement. Remember to follow the instructions and it will work for the maximum time.

Review ID 4500207010 By Michael on 02 Jun 20 21:26 Verified Purchase

Followed the enclosed instructions and the battery worked perfectly

Review ID 4500194545 By Michael on 28 Apr 20 09:59 Verified Purchase

The Lenovo G50-80 recognised this battery straight away. I’ve followed the instructions to charge and discharge 3 times. All is now well and my wife reports it’s never run so long on batteries even when new. That will be the extra 400mA capacity.....

Review ID 4500189662 By Brian on 13 Apr 20 09:48 Verified Purchase

It fits and has now been charged/discharged the recommended 3 times and has greatly extended the battery life of my laptop from 40 mins to about 3 hours.

Review ID 4500187385 By Ann on 06 Apr 20 10:55 Verified Purchase

Thank you so much, this battery arrived so quickly which is much appreciated, it was easy to fit as instructions included, again thank you

Review ID 4500187321 By Edward on 06 Apr 20 08:32 Verified Purchase

Fitted straightaway work perfectly

Review ID 4500181315 By Roger on 11 Mar 20 08:15 Verified Purchase

It was as advertised.

Review ID 4500122783 By brogdon on 09 Apr 19 14:08 Verified Purchase

working wonderfully well with excellent duration now after following bedding in as per instruction sheet

Review ID 4500116715 By Tim on 06 Mar 19 10:35 Verified Purchase

Only used for a few days, but seems very good, much better battery life