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Review ID 4500358070 By Mark on 06 Apr 22 06:10 Verified Purchase

Exactly the thing that was needed. Works perfectly.

Review ID 4500069633 By Steve on 24 Sep 21 13:38 Verified Purchase

This has given my laptop a new lease of life from a brand i can trust.

Review ID 4500292042 By Philip on 24 Apr 21 16:33 Verified Purchase

It works, it seems reasonably well made and its significantly cheaper than a Dell brand replacement.

Review ID 4500271777 By Ray on 29 Jan 21 08:40 Verified Purchase

On time, did the job, fair price

Review ID 2000036321 By Yvonne on 02 Sep 16 07:18 Verified Purchase

This product was delivered within the stated time.

Review ID 1500026294 By Alan on 23 May 16 09:39 Verified Purchase

Works well, and feel happier with a name like Duracell. Good price, too.

Review ID 4500135950 By Anthony on 20 Aug 19 10:25 Verified Purchase

So far no problems Thank you

Review ID 4500120978 By Gillian on 28 Mar 19 17:13 Verified Purchase

Did the job, so no problem!

Review ID 4500469403 By Ritesh on 06 Sep 23 16:24 Verified Purchase

I bought Laptop Battery and Charger from Duracell Direct for my Dell E5440 Laptop. I am getting message "plugged in" instead of "charging". I am not sure if this is Battery or Charger issue.