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Review ID 4500375606 By Dusky on 07 Jul 22 14:55 Verified Purchase

Quality repl

Review ID 4500368927 By Erin on 30 May 22 07:02 Verified Purchase

Really good product. Highly recommend.

Review ID 4500351643 By EDWARD on 07 Mar 22 16:23 Verified Purchase

No Problems everything fine.

Review ID 4500344860 By David on 07 Feb 22 13:45 Verified Purchase

Looks good

Review ID 4500203763 By Ray on 20 May 20 12:33 Verified Purchase

Excellent quality item.

Reply: Thank you for your kind review, we are glad you are enjoying your purchase.

Review ID 4500132729 By Anonymous on 05 Aug 19 07:57 Verified Purchase

5 star service

Review ID 4500099345 By Anonymous on 19 Dec 18 10:00 Verified Purchase

I am very satisfied with the product. The price was also very fair. I will buy again from this company.

Review ID 4500096249 By Cromdans on 10 Dec 18 20:27 Verified Purchase

This is a good quality battery which should last for a long time.

Review ID 1000019739 By Richard on 07 Mar 16 13:42 Verified Purchase

Great product. Product as described

Review ID 6636 By Eves on 14 Oct 15 07:18 Verified Purchase

all good, would recommend

Review ID 4500062832 By Peter on 07 Sep 22 10:35 Verified Purchase

working well in the camera

Review ID 4500109526 By Ron on 05 Feb 19 11:08 Verified Purchase

Camera battery supplied was too large and does not match the original Nikon battery nor the Chinese reproductions that I already have. Not fit for purpose, but full refund given.