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Review ID 4500448070 By Simo on 13 Jun 23 07:57 Verified Purchase

All perfect so far!

Review ID 4500440121 By Ben on 05 May 23 11:01 Verified Purchase

Excellent batter

Review ID 4500434530 By Korkmaz on 10 Apr 23 08:36 Verified Purchase

On time, well packed, great quality and competitively priced. Excellent!

Review ID 4500427390 By James on 13 Mar 23 13:14 Verified Purchase

Great product. I was suprised to find that it came with good fitting instructions and tools. Better value than other competing products.

Review ID 4500418442 By Ian on 06 Feb 23 09:50 Verified Purchase

Excellent battery. After proper calibration it lasts longer than the original. Recommended.

Review ID 4500410665 By stuart on 01 Jan 23 15:25 Verified Purchase

Early days, but battery is working fine

Review ID 4500400187 By Chris on 11 Nov 22 11:50 Verified Purchase

Battery arrived quicker than expected. In the box were all the tools and parts to complete replacing the battery. Clear colour printed instructions were also provided. After fitting the battery to my MacBook Pro and going through the new battery learning process it now registers a higher capacity and lasts much longer, better than new! Also sorted out the black screen when coming out of sleep mode, great. I wish I had changed it a couple of years ago it was so easy.

Review ID 4500398802 By Colin on 03 Nov 22 10:13 Verified Purchase

Great product

Review ID 4500381595 By Russell on 17 Aug 22 06:30 Verified Purchase

Purchased battery as replacement for blown Apple MacBook Pro battery, all seems good so far, kit contained battery, pry tools to remove the old battery and cleaning pads to remove residual glue from old install.

Review ID 4500352637 By Kuba on 11 Mar 22 10:56 Verified Purchase

The new battery came with a decent set of instructions. Removing the old battery was pretty difficult, and took me a couple of hours to do. Once it was out and the insides were cleaned up, fitting the new one was fairly easy, the hardest part being bending the connector into position. Everything else lined up easily and this part probably only took about 5 minutes. I then followed the recommendations to calibrate the battery - so to do that you fully charge it then leave it plugged in for a couple of hours after it's charged then run it down to 0% and do this a couple of times. Interestingly, it comes up as having a 9923mAh capacity which is higher than stated so.. I guess that's good? I've had it for a few weeks now and things are still looking good - I guess the real test is to see how well it fairs in few months time. But for now, a full charge lasts me as long as the original did and more importantly it's no longer dying on me coming out of hibernate even when full.

Review ID 4500328677 By Alex on 12 Nov 21 07:24 Verified Purchase

Very good full fitting kit with visual instructions.

Review ID 4500240406 By John on 08 Oct 20 08:51 Verified Purchase

The battery works fine and is recognised by the Macbook with correct cycle count, manufacturer etc. My only criticism is that it was not a perfect fit, with the holes for the screws not lining up perfectly, but I was able to get them in at a slight angle. Shame as otherwise it would be five star.

Review ID 4500222183 By Burhan on 23 Jul 20 07:27 Verified Purchase

Excellent product does the Job well.

Review ID 4500438491 By Muhammad on 27 Apr 23 17:20 Verified Purchase

arrived on time

Review ID 4500350657 By Peter on 03 Mar 22 21:17 Verified Purchase

Great product