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JVC GC-XA Battery & Charger

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JVC GC-XA Battery & Charger

JVC Camcorders

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Original Part Numbers

6B-1900 AA-V11EG AP-V134 B-951 B-9656 B-9657 B-9658 B-9741 B-984 B-987 BN-50U BN-V10U BN-V11U BN-V12 BN-V12U BN-V140U BN-V14U BN-V18U BN-V20 BN-V20U BN-V20US BN-V22 BN-V22U BN-V25U BN-V400 BN-V400B BN-V400U BN-V5GU BN-V60U BN-V66RU BN-V6GU BN-V6U BN-V77RU BN-V7GU BN-V7U BN-V812 BN-V812U BN-V814U BN-V8GU BN-VF707 BN-VF707U BN-VF707US BN-VF714U BN-VF733U BN-VG107 BN-VG107US BN-VG114 BN-VG114AC BN-VG114E BN-VG114U BN-VG114US BN-VG121 BN-VG121AC BN-VG121E BN-VG121U BN-VG138 BN-VG138E BN-VG138U BN-VG138US BN-VH105 BN-VH105EU BNV-20U BNV-5 BNV-617 BNV-7GU BP31 C8-B36-1 C8-B36-2 DR10RES DR11RES DR9656 DR9657 KB00005 LY34647-002B NB-P5U NB-P6U NB-P7 NB-P7U NB-P8 NB-P8U NB-P9 RV-3009 VBI9908C VUBT20K3 VWVRS1E


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