APC Smart-UPS 1000VA XL(Long Life) Battery

Smart-UPS 1000VA XL(Long Life) Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery


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  • Specification
  • Description
    • Quick search number: XPY9QR
    • Warranty: 1 YEAR
    • Function battery performs: UPS , Battery to power UPS
    • Battery Chemistry: Lead acid , Rechargable battery used in high power applications (e.g. UPS)
    • Voltage: 12.0 V
    • Weight: 12850 g
    • Dimensions: 180 mm x 150 mm x 170 mm
  • Compatible RBC7 UPS Battery. 2 x 12v 17A batteries in line. Includes connecting cable harnesses

      Ships ready to plug into your UPS
      This battery kit comes with connecting cable harnesses