Duracell Pre-Charged AA & AAA 2 x 8 Pack

Duracell Pre-Charged AA & AAA 2 x 8 Pack

Duracell PreCharged AA / AAA 2 x 8 Packs

  • NiMH Battery Chemistry
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  • Specification
  • Description
  • Technical specifications
    • Quick search number: BUN0044B
    • Number of Batteries: 16
    • Function battery performs: General , General purpose battery with many applications
    • Battery Chemistry: NiMH , Newer type of rechargable
    • Voltage: 1.2 V
    • Weight: 352 g
    • Dimensions: 70 mm x 60 mm x 40 mm
    • Battery Type: AA
    • Technology: Duracell Precharged
    • Typical Application: Multi-Purpose
    • Charger Battery Ports: 0
  • Duracell Pre-Charged rechargeables are the latest in battery technology offering the best of both worlds. Ready to use from the pack and rechargeable thousands of times.

    Duracell Pre-Charged batteries have a very low self-discharge, meaning they retain 95% of their charge in the pack for up to 12 months.

    Duracell Pre-Charged batteries can be charged 1000's of times. Which is great for the environment and your pocket and are compatible with all Duracell Battery Chargers.

      New Technology Batteries stay charged for longer, helping you to recharge less often. Ideal for wireless mice, torches, remote controls

      Brand Name: Duracell branded product.

      • Ready to use out of the pack
      • Staycharged for over one year
      • Upto 65 hours use in a PC mouse
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