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Review ID 4500472936 By JAMES on 21 Sep 23 08:33 Verified Purchase

Useful, multifunctional.

Review ID 4500446615 By Rick S on 08 Jun 23 18:54 Verified Purchase

Charger worked with the three different batteries I had to hand on the day it arrived, expect it will work with the rest :)

Review ID 4500438424 By John on 26 Apr 23 06:14 Verified Purchase

I wish I had found this sooner - I wasted money on an adapter pug and cable, then found this complete set. It is adjustable and powers all my batteries. Perfect. I don't like the idea of charging my camera and other items via my laptop, so this suits me much better.

Review ID 4500438146 By Roger on 25 Apr 23 17:47 Verified Purchase

A very versatile charger which worked with everything I needed on a recent trip. The 12v input is very useful. A pity I needed to buy it as my previous Duracell Ricoh battery charger failed on a previous trip!

Review ID 4500430741 By Janette on 27 Mar 23 20:12 Verified Purchase

Good quick charge

Review ID 4500417932 By DG on 20 Mar 23 17:20 Verified Purchase

All good at present, though I haven't needed to use the charger much. It will adapt to different batteries.

Review ID 4500428895 By Keith on 20 Mar 23 07:34 Verified Purchase

The product is great. I found I could no longer charge battery while it was in the camera for some reason. I took a gamble bought charger and now I can use camera again. When I need a new battery I will buy from Duracell.

Review ID 4500408813 By David on 20 Feb 23 09:25 Verified Purchase

Excellent & delivered on time

Review ID 4500420202 By Alan on 13 Feb 23 10:19 Verified Purchase

Good produc

Review ID 4500391605 By Pat on 30 Sep 22 21:23 Verified Purchase

Excellent product

Review ID 4500370820 By Vince on 08 Jun 22 09:28 Verified Purchase

A useful gadget for charging, in my case, Canon camcorder batteries that the the inbuilt Canon charger will not handle. The product is also flexible enough to charge my other camera batteries. Works off mains supply or off car accessories socket - which is useful when on the move. Needs a bit of care when aligning battery terminals to connect with charger terminals - but once in place it works fine.

Review ID 4500368925 By Erin on 30 May 22 07:02 Verified Purchase

Happy with this product. Really good.

Review ID 4500364666 By Alan Atkinson on 10 May 22 06:16 Verified Purchase

No problems with operation, and as it's a universal charger, it's good value, since it an be used with batteries other than the one it was bought with.

Review ID 4500360521 By Gary on 19 Apr 22 16:53 Verified Purchase

This charger is a highly recommended item as it allows the battery to be charged off camera and at a faster, safe, rate. It adapts to various battery pin configurations due to the unique adjustable design. A big bonus is the ability to power the charger from mains or 12v DC so you can charge whilst driving! That adds usable value. Very happy with the charger and its well made and looks the part.

Review ID 4500355484 By Jamie on 25 Mar 22 12:19 Verified Purchase

Very useful product, easy to set up.