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Review ID 4500454062 By COLIN on 11 Jul 23 17:50 Verified Purchase

Fully compatible with the HP laptop and a trusted brand. Bit on the pricey side but prefer to pay rather than choose a cheap copy.

Review ID 4500389396 By Brian on 15 Sep 22 07:53 Verified Purchase

The battery that I purchased was easy to install, prefect fit and works very well.

Review ID 4500172417 By Andrew on 01 Feb 20 12:54 Verified Purchase

My reason for purchasing a battery from was because the batteries they supply are made by Duracell. Duracell have a great reputation for quality.

Review ID 2000038056 By Michael on 20 Sep 16 09:27 Verified Purchase

Not Hp battery, but perfect fit and charged quickly with all cells working correctly. far cheaper than Hp replacement.

Review ID 2000037707 By Dorothy on 19 Sep 16 10:15 Verified Purchase

The battery fitted perfectly being identical in every way to the original. Happy to have a reliable source of power

Review ID 1000021033 By Martin on 21 Mar 16 17:20 Verified Purchase

So far so good, I have only had the battery a week !

Review ID 500013601 By Stanley on 28 Dec 15 09:06 Verified Purchase

We got what we ordered, a good product

Review ID 500012227 By Stephen on 17 Dec 15 08:42 Verified Purchase

very good, fix well and retain battery power very good.

Review ID 500011104 By Chandler on 09 Dec 15 16:50 Verified Purchase

Works a treat

Review ID 4500108335 By Hywel on 29 Jan 19 11:51 Verified Purchase

Though I am not a technocrat nor a computer geek the product seems to be working OK, thanks