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Review ID 4500430727 By Alison on 28 Mar 23 10:14 Verified Purchase

Had no problem installing was accepted immediately. Works great.

Review ID 4500238527 By Andrew on 01 Oct 20 16:02 Verified Purchase

Charges well and returned my Thinkpad E540 to having a decent battery life of approx 5 hours (which is about the same as the original battery when new)

Review ID 4500210266 By David on 15 Jun 20 09:59 Verified Purchase

We were unableto use the product as Lenovo have a programme within their computers which prevents them from using any other battery than their own, even though they no longer supply.

Review ID 4500205721 By Laid back grafter on 27 May 20 10:52 Verified Purchase

It's early days yet but this product appears to be excellent (2-power 6 cell Lenovo battery for Thinkpad 530c). The construction appears very solid. The battery fitted perfectly first time. The first charge to full charge took 1 3/4 hours and lasted 3 and 3/4 hours until the battery is low warning. The only small niggle is the battery available readout ( percentage estimate) has not settled to the new battery's performance but this will iron out I'm sure and if it doesn't the visual bar readout is spot on anyway. Excellent value to, I'm sure this battery pack will perform for a long while yet.

Reply: Thank you for your kind review, we are glad you are enjoying your purchase.

Review ID 4500114978 By Steven on 25 Feb 19 12:22 Verified Purchase

Arrived quickly and was well packaged, charged as per the instructions and it works very well holding a good charge. It was considerably cheaper than the manufacturers version which was over £200 so a massive saving, there were cheaper alternatives than Duracell on Amazon but I would prefer a name I know rather than some of the very obscure brands at a lower price.

Review ID 4500083143 By Roy on 22 Oct 18 09:10 Verified Purchase

Worked straight out of the box. Restored the unplugged performance at a stroke.

Review ID 4500109294 By Richard on 04 Feb 19 09:52 Verified Purchase

Not an original battery for my Lenovo G700 and there have been some issues with normal function. For example, it does not appear to be charging, although it does charge, and the battery monitoring software by Lenovo does not recognize the new battery. Having said that, it has a higher capacity than the original and stays charged a lot longer so overall, a pleasing result!

Review ID 4500184787 By Stephen on 26 Mar 20 14:50 Verified Purchase

poor product knowledge from duracell . battery not compatible with my laptop