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Review ID 4500457099 By Ann on 20 Jul 23 18:57 Verified Purchase

This battery was so much better than the last one I bought for my laptop which soon became unable to hold a charge. Tbis battery came with instruction to fully charge and deplete twice before using as usual. I followed instructions and it really holds charge.

Review ID 4500443602 By Ian on 26 May 23 16:56 Verified Purchase

Good for purpose

Review ID 4500421777 By Melvyn on 20 Feb 23 17:05 Verified Purchase

Rechargeable laptop battery. Followed recharging instructions to the letter. Product performing satisfactorily. Thank you.

Review ID 4500414269 By Ian on 18 Jan 23 15:57 Verified Purchase

Very good product and price

Review ID 4500368874 By John on 30 May 22 08:44 Verified Purchase

Very efficient service supplying the product from an old reference code and a prompt delivery.

Review ID 4500328384 By Peter on 10 Nov 21 14:13 Verified Purchase

I've been using the battery for only 3 weeks. It provides excellent operation time making my laptop behave like new. I was surprised that it is branded as "2-Power" rather than Duracell but other than that I am satisfied. The accompanying instructions provide useful advice about battery care and optimising battery life which includes requiring a couple of initial charge/discharge cycles to reach full efficiency.

Review ID 4500302855 By Lois on 12 Jun 21 10:10 Verified Purchase

Following the comprehensive instructions provided for setup, I now have a laptop battery that charges fully and lasts for as long as the original one. Well worth it to get a year or two more out of the computer (even more if I'm lucky).

Review ID 4500273284 By Cathy on 04 Feb 21 08:43 Verified Purchase

Great replacement. Laptop operating well.

Review ID 4500272254 By Brian on 31 Jan 21 15:48 Verified Purchase

the item was perfect for the job.

Review ID 4500195423 By Jawahir on 29 Apr 20 08:03 Verified Purchase

Works Perfectly - no issues

Review ID 4500181440 By Gail on 11 Mar 20 08:06 Verified Purchase

Great purchase - it has given my Laptop a new lease of life. Quick delivery also.

Review ID 4500457009 By Anonymous on 20 Jul 23 11:50 Verified Purchase

So far so good, does what it says on the tin!