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Review ID 4500450404 By Richard on 26 Jun 23 06:45 Verified Purchase

Batteries received on time and put to good use!

Review ID 4500446638 By Rob on 07 Jun 23 07:26 Verified Purchase

Good price, quick delivery, excellent product

Review ID 4500410977 By PETER on 02 Jan 23 10:02 Verified Purchase

very good

Review ID 4500391305 By Nicola on 26 Sep 22 09:12 Verified Purchase

Good don’t know what else I could say about batteries, didn’t know you get 4x the tiny batteries with the 4x AA and they came in handy so thanks!

Review ID 4500383383 By Deryck on 18 Aug 22 09:15 Verified Purchase

I now purchase only Duracell batteries both rechargeable and alkaline for all my equipment. The alkaline batteries have a very long use life and the rechargeable ones can be recharged many many times. have never had a problem with any of them.

Review ID 4500365204 By Graham on 12 May 22 18:05 Verified Purchase

Excellent service, excellent product

Review ID 4500360258 By clive on 18 Apr 22 06:51 Verified Purchase

Very good value for money

Review ID 4500337813 By John on 31 Jan 22 12:02 Verified Purchase

Great product, no problems

Review ID 4500268526 By Peter on 18 Jan 21 19:16 Verified Purchase

Good product arrived on time

Review ID 4500262807 By Karen on 24 Dec 20 21:29 Verified Purchase

Really happy but instructions not clear I don't know what the side part is for!!!

Review ID 4500224565 By Sandi on 03 Aug 20 17:48 Verified Purchase

Very smart batteries - glad to have them

Review ID 4500216619 By Eileen on 06 Jul 20 09:45 Verified Purchase

Excellent, exactly what Inwas looking for

Review ID 4500206305 By Philip on 30 May 20 07:23 Verified Purchase

Great for my digital camera!

Review ID 4500206334 By Bonniemary on 29 May 20 13:37 Verified Purchase

These batteries were so much cheaper than buying in the "High Street".

Review ID 4500205977 By Rosemary on 27 May 20 13:06 Verified Purchase

I purchased these batteries from this company to avoid issues that other suppliers have given me because of the virus - thank you