Fujifilm Clearshot 10 Auto Battery

Clearshot 10 Auto Battery

Clearshot 10 Auto Duracell Rechargeable AA 4 Pack 1300mAh

  • 1300 mAh Capacity
  • NiMH Battery Chemistry
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  • Technical specifications
    • Quick search number: XAQH3M
    • Number of Batteries: 4
    • Function battery performs: General , General purpose battery with many applications
    • Battery Chemistry: NiMH , Newer type of rechargable
    • Voltage: 1.2 V
    • Capacity: 1300 mAh
    • Watt hours: 1 Wh
    • Weight: 116 g
    • Dimensions: 45 mm x 45 mm x 12 mm
    • Battery Type: AA
    • Technology: Duracell Rechargeable
    • Typical Application: Multi-Purpose
    • Charger Battery Ports: 0
  • Duracell AA 1300mAH rechargeable batteries. Not only will you get hundreds of uses out of each Rechargeable battery, but they stay charged longer so you can recharge less*. These high power 1300mAH AA NiMH batteries are ideally suited for high-drain or frequently used devices such as digital cameras.

    Recharge hundreds of times and save hundreds of pounds.

      *Vs. ordinary rechargeable batteries, when not in use.

      Brand Name: This is a Duracell branded product.

      • Hold their charge for 6 months*
      • Last upto 45 Hours in a PC Mouse
      • Re-charge 100's of times
    • Last as long as regular batteries and butter for the environment

      By Paul on 20 May 20 03:05 See more

      Brill lasts longer anyway and then needs recharging

      By Colin on 28 Mar 16 09:03 See more

      These are good quality batteries for my outside garden lights. I hope they recharge in the sunlight over the winter.

      By IRENE TURNER on 09 Sep 15 11:09 See more

      Batteries so far so good. No problems

      By Stephen on 31 Oct 15 06:10 See more

      Duracell used to be the best batteries you could buy but I am finding now that they dont last as long as they used to. I am using IKEA batteries which are less than half the price and just as good. I use dozens of batteries in garden lights and go through scores of batteries each year. I am now switching to rechargeable ones to see it that will make any difference.

      By Not really impressed on 03 Dec 19 10:12 See more

      We are sorry that your batteries are not performing as you would expect. Please get in touch with us via help@duracellcharge.info so that we can help to resolve this issue.

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