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Canon Legria Battery & Charger

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Canon Legria Battery & Charger

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Legria FS19 Legria FS36 Legria FS37 Legria FS46 Legria FS305 Legria FS306 Legria FS307 Legria FS406 Legria HF G10 Legria HF G25 Legria HF G26 Legria HF G30 Legria HF G50 Legria HF G60 Legria HF M36 Legria HF M406

Original Part Numbers

B-151 B-160 B-162 B-9534 B-9667 B-9667H B-9689 B-972 B-973 BP-308 BP-315 BP-808 BP-820 BP-828 BP-911 BP-911K BP-914 BP-915 BP-915L BP-924 BP-925 BP-927 BP-930 BP-930R BP-941 BP-945 BP-950 BP-955 BP-970 BP-975 BP911 BP911K BP915 D850862201 D850972201 DR9689 LK-51B LP-E17 LP-E5 M7220 NB-11L NB-6L RV5451


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