Which should I use, Alkaline or Rechargeable?

facts-bunny-ultra-rechargableWhich should I use, Alkaline or Rechargeable?

The answer is both.

Single use alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries can be interchanged in most* devices however both types have their own distinct benefits.

Alkaline batteries are relatively inexpensive to buy (particularly in our bundle packs) and are available in Plus Power and Ultra Power versions. Don’t miss our special Spring promotional bundles available to buy online now.

However, after the initial investment of buying rechargeable batteries, you will soon start to save money as you can reuse them hundreds of times. They also have the added benefit of being kinder to the environment.

Which ones to use when?

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Duracell Alkaline batteries are perfect for low drain devices such as TV remotes, smoke alarms, wall clocks and thermostats. Alkaline are also best for any devices that are not used frequently as rechargeable batteries may lose their charge over long periods of time.

Duracell rechargeable batteries are ideal for high drain devices such as remote controlled toys, games, flashlights or tools, where there is a sustained power requirement and alkaline batteries could be depleted very quickly. Using Duracell’s range of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers you can recharge your batteries in as little as 15 minutes and be back in business in no time!

Duracell’s Stay-charged technology has the added benefit of holding their charge for longer than standard rechargeable batteries. This means they shouldn’t need recharging as often. Most rechargeable batteries will need charging before their first use, but with Duracell Pre-Charged batteries, they can be used straight from the pack.

For very high drain devices such as some cameras or toys, we recommend our Recharge Ultra Series. These have a higher capacity of up to 2500mAh meaning they will run for longer between charges. They also include a 5 Year Guarantee to ensure you will be saving money for years to come!




So GO GREEN and shop for rechargeable batteries TODAY

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*Some devices such as smoke alarms are not suitable for use with rechargeable batteries. Please check the manufacturer’s instructions before use. 


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