Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

Solar Garden Pathway LightSolar powered lighting has become very popular over the last few years and can give an inexpensive and stylish look to your garden. They have many features from providing security, lighting pathways or creating a great ambience for entertaining family and friends. Harnessing the sun’s energy during the day to illuminate your garden at night, they are a smart, eco-friendly choice.

How Solar Powered Lights Work
Solar cells attached to the light charge the internal replacement battery during the day, enabling it to be used to power an LED light during the night. The light is entirely self-contained in the housing unit, so no need for wires to an external power source.

Duracell Solar Security Light


Understanding Lumens
A lumen is simply a unit of measurement of visible light. This used to be measured in watts which measured how much power was required to light a bulb, but with the newer energy-efficient LED bulbs, lumens measure the actual brightness. LED bulbs are also far more efficient and require less energy to work.



Duracell Solar Replacement Batteries

Internal Battery
Duracell solar powered LED lights have the advantage of removable and replaceable batteries. Our Hi-Performance and Advanced batteries give you peace of mind that you have a quality item that will last. The battery type is listed on the box and comes with a full 1 year guarantee. All our lights are weatherproof to protection category IP44 ensuring that they last for many years.


Duracell Solar Garden LightPerformance
Most solar powered garden lighting gives between 2 to 8 hours of illumination, but this does vary depending on the LED light and how much sunlight during the day. Performance can be reduced if placed in a shady location, during winter months and on very cloudy days.


Duracell Multi-use Solar Light/LanternBenefits of Solar Powered Garden Lighting
There are many benefits to installing solar lighting in your garden. Whether it’s for security, adding ambience, lighting a pathway or simply adding some style and elegance to your garden. They are quick and easy to install, so no need for expensive electricians as they require no wiring, allowing you to place them anywhere you desire. They are a smart, eco-friendly solution to illuminating your garden, give added security and better for the environment. They come in many different styles and colours so there is something to suit everyone.


Duracell Solar Powered LED Garden Lighting
We have many styles of solar garden lighting on offer, see our range:

Duracell Solar Security LightSecurity Lighting
Our security lights come with built-in motion detectors and fully adjustable range sensors making them ideal for lighting driveways, porches, pathways and entrances to your garden and home.

LED Pathway Lights
Our pathway lights automatically come on when the light level drops and are perfect for lighting pathways, decks, patios or simply adding a stylish feature to your garden or outdoor space.

Duracell Solar Spot LightsSpot Lights
Spotlights can add another dimension to your outdoor living space by lighting up walkways, highlighting trees and illuminating your garden and landscape features.

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