Duracell myGrid Wireless Charger is Now Available

Duracell myGrid Charger
Duracell myGrid Wireless Charger

The Duracell myGrid wireless charger has finally arrived.  We mentioned about this product last year in a post named, “No More Wires!”.

A little recap for those who have forgotten and for those who have never heard about it.

The myGrid wireless charger is a neat little charging pad, which can charge up to 4 devices without cables or adaptors.  You will need to attach a special Power Clip or Power Sleeve to your device and simply place it on the myGrid charging pad.  It’s that simple.  Duracell’s myGrid charger uses wireless conductive technology to charge devices.  Power Clips and Power Sleeves are available separately and are not supplied with the myGrid charger.

Power Clips are available for Nokia mobile phones, Mini USB and Micro USB sockets.  Power Sleeves are available for Apple’s  iPhone and iPod Touch and Blackberry’s Pearl and Curve smart phones.  No word yet on Power Clips and Power Sleeves for other brands, but the Mini USB and Micro USB Power Clips should allow a wide range of devices to be charged using the myGrid wireless charger.

So, if you have a lot of devices and a tangle of adaptors to charge these devices, reduce clutter with the Duracell myGrid wireless charger.

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