Charge Your Batteries Before Flying to the US

DR6001A Duracell USB Travel ChargerYou may want to re-charge “your” batteries with a well earned holiday in the United States of America but you will have to make sure that your smartphone, tablet  and laptop batteries are fully charged before boarding the plane. New enhanced security measures implemented by the Department for Homeland Security means that security officers may ask you to turn on some devices. Powerless devices may not be permitted to board the aircraft.

Now that’s one more thing for you to remember to do before leaving for the airport, making sure the batteries are fully charged.

If you are travelling with a lot of gadgets then it might be cumbersome to carry all the different chargers. A tangled mass of cables and adapters at the bottom of your bag. You should really consider a Duracell USB Travel Charger. It has dual USB ports that can charger a multitude of devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras and mp3 players. It is also supplied with plug adapters for UK, Europe, US and Australia. So, now there is no excuse for not having your devices fully charged during your travels.

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