Bio-Batteries, Powered by Bacteria!

You may have read our previous posts about batteries made from paper or even tiny nuclear batteries, well now you have batteries powered by bacteria!Bacteria Bio-Battery

That’s right bacteria.  Researchers from University of East Anglia in the UK and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the US have made a breakthrough in figuring out the process by which bacteria are able to transfer an electrical charge.  The clever bacteria called Shewanella Oneidensis, can according to the scientists, open the door to efficient microbial fuel cells (that is ‘bio-batteries’ to the rest of us).

This paves the way for generating clean electricity in the future.

Well, you can do your part for the environment right now, by using rechargeable Duracell batteries.  These can be recharged 100’s of times and they also do not use  dangerous metals like Cadmium, Mercury and Lead.  Using rechargeable batteries means that you do not have to dispose them once they run out.  Simply pop them into a suitable battery charger and they will be ready to re-use once fully charged.

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