Apple iPod Mini 4Gb M9800*/A Battery

iPod Mini 4Gb M9800*/A Battery

iPod Mini 4Gb M9800*/A MP3 Player Battery 3.6V 560mAh


  • Capacity: 560.0 mAh
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium ion
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR
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  • Specification
  • Description
    • Quick search number: VPQ598
    • Warranty: 1 YEAR
    • Function battery performs: MP3 player , Internal main power battery for MP3 player
    • Battery Chemistry: Lithium ion , Newer type of rechargable, giving best performance for a rechargable.
    • Voltage: 3.6 V
    • Capacity: 560.0 mAh
    • Output Power: 2 Wh
    • Weight: 6 g
    • Dimensions: 42.0mm x 4.2mm x 32.0mm
  • Battery Pack for iPod Mini 1st and 2nd generations. Includes fly wires and a six way connector

      Includes two tools to open your iPod

      Brand Name: This is a 2-Power branded product.