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Duracell HR06-P replacement for Praktica LR06 Battery

Duracell PreCharged AA 4 Pack

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  • Specification
  • Description
    • Quick search number: 8YJT55
    • Number of Batteries: 4
    • Function battery performs: General , General purpose battery with many applications
    • Battery Chemistry: NiMH , Newer type of rechargable
    • Voltage: 1.2 V
    • Capacity: 2500.0 mAh
    • Output Power: 2 Wh
    • Weight: 116 g
    • Dimensions: 49.0mm x 14.5mm
    • Battery Type: AA
    • Technology: Duracell Rechargeable
    • Typical Application: Multi-Purpose
  • Duracell Ultra rechargeables offer the best of both worlds. Ready to use from the pack and rechargeable thousands of times.

    Duracell's DURALOCK technology means they retain 95% of their charge in the pack for up to 5 years when not being used.

    • Precharged and ready to use
    AA, MN1500, LR6Stay charged for up to 5 yearsHigh performance 2500mAh

    Brand Name: This is a Duracell branded product.

  •  By Horton on 27 Sep 16 09:09

    Significantly cheaper to purchase direct rather from the even the major on line stockists

     By Malcolm on 17 May 16 08:05

    Several recharges without loss of performance.

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  • 2-Power

    LR06 Charger

    Universal Camera Battery Charger

    • Input voltage/Power source: UK , 230V AC and UK plug
    • Warranty: 1 YEAR
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    • Specification
    • Description
      • Quick search number: FCRJY9
      • Warranty: 1 YEAR
      • Role of product in providing mains power: Charger , Charger for rechargable batteries
      • Input voltage/Power source: UK , 230V AC and UK plug
      • Weight: 132 g
      • Dimensions: 118.0mm x 68.0mm x 29.0mm
    • Universal Battery Charger suitable for charging many types of low voltage battery packs for Cameras, Camcorders, Mobile Phones etc. Simply adjust the charging pins manually to correspond to your batterys contacts and plug in to the mains or DC Car socket to begin charging. The charger automatically senses positive and negative polarity and is suitable for charging 3.6v, 3.7v, 7.2v & 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Packs.

      The unit is also able to charge AA & AAA NiMH recharegable batteries and USB enabled devices via the 5V 1000mA USB port.

      • Suitable for charging 3.6v, 3.7v, 7.2v & 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Packs.
      • Includes USB port for charging of most USB enabled devices such as iPod,iPhone, Kindle, BlackBerry.
      • Charges via the supplied UK or EU Home Mains Plug or 12V DC car socket.

      UK / EU Home Mains Plug
      We will supply either a UK 3 pin Mains Plug or 2 pin EU mains plug depending on the shipping location.

      Includes DC Car socketUSB Port for USB device chargingCharges AA & AAA batteries also

      Brand Name: This is a 2-Power branded product.

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