Canon BP911 Car Charger

BP911 Car Charger

BP911 Duracell Ultra Fast Battery Charger

  • Area device may be used: UK , 230V AC and UK plug
  • Warranty: 3 YEARS

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  • Specification
  • Description
    • Quick search number: T78QQ6
    • Warranty: 3 YEARS
    • Role of product in providing mains power: Charger , Charger for rechargable batteries
    • Area device may be used: UK , 230V AC and UK plug
    • Weight: 146 g
    • Dimensions: 124mm x 67mm x 29mm
  • The Duracell Ultra fast camcorder and digital camera battery charger is a fantastic product that can fully charge you camera and camcorder battery in under 30 minutes. The charger is supplied with a mains wall adapter for use around the home as well as a 12v in-car cigarette lighter adapter so that you can charge your battery when you are out and about.

    This charger has a clever LED guage which indicates the status of a charge at any time as well as in built safety feature meaning it will never over charge your battery.The charger is compatible with the most popular camera and camcorder batteries and additional plates can be purchased for other batteries in the future.

    • Charges a battery in as little as 28 minutes.
    • Over-voltage and short circuit protection.
    • LED fuel gauge to indicate charge status.
    • 3 year warranty
    Charges in under 30 minutesOver-voltage protection

    Brand Name: This is a Duracell branded product.

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