Video Review of the Duracell Mobile Traveller

Checkout a video review of the Duracell Mobile Traveller.  This is a handy little battery charger that is supplied with 4 Duracell StayCharged NiMH rechargeable batteries.  It is also supplied with an in-car DC adaptor and mains plugs for use in UK, EU and US.  The built-in USB will be able to charge devices like MP3 players and Smartphones.

Watch more videos like this on DuracellDirect’s YouTube channel.

ActiveCharge, StayCharged or Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries

Duracell Pre-Charged Battery

Duracell Pre-Charged Batteries

As per previous post, New from Duracell – StayCharged Batteries, ActiveCharge batteries are now called StayCharged in the UK.

Over in the US of A , these batteries are called Pre-Charged.  Obviously, as they are pre-charged, ready to use straight out of the pack.

The Pre-Charged or StayCharged batteries are NiMH, just like the other rechargeable batteries made by Duracell.  These powerful batteries stay charged longer and can be recharged 100s of times.

These rechargeable batteries are best suited for use with high drain devices like video game controllers, high powered flashlights and digital cameras.  Pre-Charged or StayCharged batteries available in both AA and AAA sizes.

New from Duracell – StayCharged Batteries

Duracell StayCharge Batteries

Duracell StayCharged Batteries

Duracell has released a new range of rechargeable batteries called StayCharged batteries.  Well, that’s not entirely correct, it used to be called ActiveCharge.

StayCharged batteries retain their charge longer compared to other rechargeable batteries.  These batteries are also supplied pre-charged, ready to use straight out of the pack.

Compared Duracell Rechargeable Supreme batteries, StayCharged batteries retain 80% of charge for upto a year when not in use.  Staying charged longer means you don’t have to keep recharging.  These rechargeable batteries are available in both AA and AAA sizes.

So, remember, if you want batteries that stay charged longer consider the Duracell Rechargeable StayCharged batteries.