Duracell myGrid Wireless Charger – New Low Price!

Duracell myGrid ChargerThe Duracell myGrid wireless charger goes from strength to strength at a new low price of just £29.99 .  Making it, an even more affordable way to release your devices from all those annoying wires and chargers.

You can now charge your iPhone 4 on the myGrid wireless charger using the specially designed iPhone 4 Power Sleeve.

Charging is definitely made simple, with the range of Power Sleeves and Clips available for use with the myGrid charger.  Power Clips and Power Sleeves are available separately and are not supplied with the myGrid charger.  Power Clips are available for Nokia mobile phones, Mini USB and Micro USB sockets.  Power Sleeves are available for Apple’s  iPhone and iPod Touch and Blackberry’s Pearl and Curve smart phones.

The Mini USB and Micro USB Power Clips should allow a wide range of devices to be charged including the Android based HTC Desire HD smartphone.


How do you Charge your Apple iPhone 4?

How do you charge your Apple iPhone 4?

Yes, you may think it’s a silly question.  Even a 5 year old would know.  The answer is, use the charger provided or charge using the USB port on your laptop or desktop computer.

Did you know that you can also charge your iPhone 4 using the Duracell 2-In-1 USB Charger?  Well, you can, check out the image below:

Duracell 2-In-1 USB Charger and Apple iPhone 4

It actually works.  A fully charged Duracell 2-In-1 USB charger actually charges the Apple iPhone 4 using the USB cable that is provided with the phone.  This device can also charge older iPhones and many other devices.

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