Battery Powered Flying Bike!

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Battery Powered Flying BikeAn actual flying bike! Researchers from the Czech Republic have come up with an electric bike that is able to fly. The prototype was able to successfully take off and land within the confines of an exhibition hall in Prague. It was remote controlled and a mannequin was used, presumably for safety reasons. The bike achieved a flight time of 5 minutes due to the small capacity of the batteries powering the fans mounted on the bike.

The researchers hope that future improvements in battery capacities would allow for a much longer flight.

Duracell Ultra Power batteries may not be suitable for this flying bike, but they can keep all your devices powered for a long time.

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DuracellDirect Czech Republic and Ireland are now live

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DuracellDirect Czech Republic

DuracellDirect Czech Republic

DuracellDirect Czech Republic and Republic of Ireland are now live.

DuracellDirect are pleased to announce the launch of our Czech and Irish consumer websites.

Duracell Direct Ireland

Duracell Direct Ireland

Visit DuracellDirect EU to see the other European websites.

Stránka DuracellDirect Česká Republika je nyní v provozu.  DuracellDirect s potěšením oznamuje spuštění české verze naších spotřebitelských stránek.  Navštivte DuracellDirect EU pro zobrazení dalších evropských internetových stránek.

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