Nokia’s Self-Charging Batteries

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Have you heard the latest?  Nokia has filed patents on the concept of self-charging mobile phone batteries.  We all know that Nokia is very innovative, but self-charging batteries, is it possible?

Self-charging technology already exists, it has been used in Seiko Kinetic watches for over 20 years.  Seiko’s Kinetic watches make use of Piezoelectric crystals to generate an electric charge.  As details are sketchy at the moment, it is unclear how the mobile phone will be setup.

However, one thing is for sure,  the movement of the phone will generate electricity to charge the main battery or if it generates enough electricity it may even power the phone, doing away with the battery altogether.  The latter is unlikely as mobile phones these days are packed with features that are extremely power hungry.  Features like touch sensitive colour LCD screens and digital cameras with flash, to name a few.

So, does this mean we can give the mobile phone a quick shake during a call, just to keep it powered until the end of the conversation.

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Duracell Battery Tattoo – Would you get one done?

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Would you get a tattoo of a Duracell battery?  Well, it seems someone has just done that!  A tattoo of a Duracell 9V size battery.

Duracell 9V Size Battery Tattoo

Duracell 9V Size Battery Tattoo

Amazing, isn’t it?  A true fan of the iconic coppertop battery.

Credit to

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New Duracell Daylite LED Torches, in Stock Now

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Duracell Daylite Headlamp

Duracell Daylite LED Torch

New Duracell Daylite led torches are now in stock.

These smart torches constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminium are available in a variety of sizes.  The Daylite range consists of 3-AAA, 2-AA, 2-C, 2-D and the Headlamp 3-AA.  While, the names of these torches may not be original or creative, it does convey a very important message.  It lets you know the type of battery and the quantity required to power the torch.  The 3-AAA, the original Daylite torch takes three AAA size batteries and the 2-D torch takes two D size batteries.  As mentioned in our previous post, “New Range of Duracell Daylite LED Torches Coming Soon“, they all boast the patented TrueBeam optics to produce a brighter white light.

There are also 3 new Daylite Tough torches, the 4AA torch, the Spotlight and the 6V Lantern.  The Daylite Tough range are durable, rugged and also have non-slip rubber grips.  These are ideal for use around the house, outdoors or for industrial jobs.

Duracell Daylite Spotlight

Duracell Daylite Tough Spotlight

Both the Daylite range and the Daylite Tough range have 5x more battery life than incandescent bulb torches and produce a brighter, even white light without any dark spots.

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New Duracell Battery & USB Chargers Now In Stock

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Duracell USB Chargers

Duracell USB Chargers

The new Battery and USB Chargers from Duracell are now in stock.  These were featured in previous posts, “New Battery Chargers and USB Chargers, on the way” and “Duracell Instant Charger Honoured with Engineering and Design Award“.

The two new rechargeable battery chargers are the One Hour Fast Charger and the Easy Charger.  Both are supplied with 2 Duracell AA rechargeable batteries and the One Hour Fast charger is also supplied with 2 Duracell AAA rechargeable batteries.

Duracell Battery Chargers

Duracell Battery Chargers

There are three new USB chargers, the Pocket USB Charger, the 2-in-1 USB Charger and the iconic and award winning, Instant USB Charger.

Whether you need to recharge your AA or AAA rechargeable batteries or recharge your mobile devices like smartphones and MP3 players, there are plenty of smart solutions from Duracell.

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AAA Battery Powered Mobile Phone

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AAA Battery Powered Phone

AAA Battery Powered Mobile Phone

Would you believe it? A mobile phone powered by AAA size alkaline batteries.

In fact it does not have to be alkaline batteries it could be any AAA size batteries, or even rechargeable NiMH cells.  Olive Telecommunications based in India have come up with this brilliant product.  The mobile phone is aptly named, FrvrOn (short for Forever On).

It does have a Lithium Ion battery like any other mobile phone, but it also has the capability to be charged by the single AAA size battery.  Giving the user an additional hour or so of talktime.  The phone even boasts a 1.5 inch colour LCD screen.

You won’t be blamed for wondering, why a larger higher capacity Lithium Ion battery was not used?  This is due to the nature of electricity supply in rural areas of India, where it is very erratic.  As a low cost mobile phone this would serve as a life-line to the users based in such areas.  Also, not forgetting those who are constantly on the move or are working in the field where a power socket is hard to come by.

Using a Duracell Plus or Ultra AAA size batteries should give more talk time and using Duracell Rechargeable batteries might make the mobile phone truly forever on.

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Battery Recycling at DuracellDirect

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Did you know that now, you can send/bring your old batteries to DuracellDirect for recycling?  Well, as a result of the new EU Batteries Directive, there are a lot of locations for you to recycle your old, spent batteries including here, at DuracellDirect.

You shouldn’t throw batteries in your household waste anymore.  Almost all types of batteries can be recycled and those that cant are treated for safe disposal.  Since, this directive came into force there numerous places where you can recycle your batteries including retailers and supermarkets.  Follow the link and find your nearest battery recycling collection point.

Thinking about that old car battery in your garage?  Well, the answer is no.  You will have to contact your Local Authority to find out how to recycle these batteries.  This applies to any specialist industrial batteries as well.  Not implying that you have these batteries lying around the house!

Anticipating your questions and to provide more useful information, check out our Battery Recycling section.

Help the environment, Go Green, STOP throwing your batteries and START recycling.

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What do you do when the batteries in the TV remote dies?

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We have all been there, you are bored on a Sunday afternoon surfing channels very happily when all of a sudden the remote stops working.  Cursing, you hit the remote and press the buttons a bit harder and it works for a short while.  It goes again and now getting angrier you open the back cover take the batteries out and put them back in again.

Miraculously, it starts working again, until you get all comfy and settled. Then it goes again and this time for good.  It’s like it was taunting you all this time.  Then the search begins, the search for those elusive batteries, that you swear were there in the drawer.  Soon, the Sunday afternoon descends into hell and beyond…

Well, stumbled across this interesting chart on GraphJam, asking this exact question:

funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs

Surely, there must be more than just getting new batteries, changing channels manually and pressing the buttons harder.  Listed below are some of the comments left by users on GraphJam:

  • Get new batteries
  • Change the channel manually
  • Press buttons harder
  • Remove batteries and re-insert
  • Use batteries from another remote
  • Move recliner closer until you are able to reach to change the channel
  • Hitting the remote, tapping the remote against your hand
  • Rubbing the batteries
  • Licking the batteries!

While some of these methods may work, some have been left by users purely for fun.  For your safety and wellbeing, please do not try these at home.

So, what is the sensible thing to do when the batteries in the TV remote dies? Changing them of course…  for newer ones.  Better still use rechargeable batteries.  Keep another pair ready charged and cycle them as needed.  Using rechargeable batteries like Duracell Rechargeable or Duracell Supreme batteries tend to be very economical in the long run.

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New Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with 3 Year Battery Life

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Wireless keyboards and mice are so handy and gives you a lot of freedom.  You don’t get all the cables tangled up and pulling the keyboard closer to you does not unplug the USB  or even the power cable from behind the computer.  More importantly you don’t have trails of extension cables for both your keyboard and mouse that you keep tripping over.  Yes, once you go wireless it will be very hard to turn back.

The only annoying thing about wireless keyboards and mice is the rate at which you need to change the batteries.  Even when using rechargeable batteries, these are drained very quickly and more time is spent recharging these.  It seems that Logitech has answered this issue with it’s new wireless keyboard and mouse.  The Wireless Desktop MK710 is powered by 4 ordinary AA size alkaline batteries, 2 each for the mouse and the keyboard.  However, these batteries are supposed to last upto 3 years before requiring a replacement.

There is nothing special about the batteries, it is the technology behind the keyboard and mouse which is helping conserve power.  Eventhough, this operates in the 2.4GHz frequency, it is neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi.  In fact Logitech uses an advanced 2.4GHz technology which is supposed to transmit information much faster and more efficiently than existing technologies.  The Wireless Desktop also addresses the issue of devices being in a constant active mode when they are actually idle.  Helping conserve more valuable battery power.  No wonder then that Logitech claim 3 year battery life on these products.

You can get longer lasting power by using Duracell’s Plus or Ultra batteries.  Actually, you may even be able to get more than 3 years battery life with the new Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse.   The answer is simple, use Duracell rechargeable batteries.  You can recharge these Duracell batteries 100s of times, making it very economical and definitely more eco-friendly.

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Did you spot the Coppertop in Matrix?

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Did you spot the Duracell Coppertop battery make an appearance in “The Matrix”?

Yes, checkout the image below of Morpheus holding a battery and it looks a lot like a Duracell Coppertop.  In fact, it looks like a C size Coppertop.

Morpheus holding a Duracell Coppertop in Matrix

Morpheus holding a Coppertop Battery

Credit to

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Lost Your Camera Battery Charger?

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Duracell DR5300 Battery Charger

Duracell Camera Battery Charger

Lost your digital camera battery charger, misplaced it somewhere, thrown it by mistake or is it simply faulty?  Some digital camera batteries can be charged via USB which makes it so much easier, while most require proprietary battery chargers.

Duracell DR5500 Ultra Fast charger

Duracell Ultra-Fast Battery Charger

So, what do you do if your battery charger is faulty or simply missing?  You can purchase a replacement battery charger or consider a more versatile product from Duracell.  That’s right, Duracell!  A range of digital camera and camcorder power accessories, including batteries and battery chargers are available from Duracell.  No, not only standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries in AA and AAA sizes but also proprietary Lithium ion/Lithium Polymer Ion batteries and the chargers for these batteries.

Currently, there are two types of battery chargers from Duracell,  the Ultra-fast battery charger and the battery powered battery charger.  As the name suggests this charger has a built-in battery which in-turn  charges your camera or camcorder battery and is also able to provide power via USB.  The internal battery can also be charged through the USB using your computer or laptop.  They are both supplied with a mains wall adapter and also a 12v in-car cigarette lighter adapter for when you are on the move.

These chargers can accept a multitude of batteries.  At DuracellDirect, we have made your life easier, simply select the manufacturer and model of your device and the correct charger will be listed if available.

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Windows 7 Killing Laptop Batteries

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Microsoft Windows 7Is Windows 7 killing laptop/notebook batteries?  Windows 7 was supposed to enhance mobile computing by maximising battery life.  It boasted loads of power saving features and enhancements.

However, it has been widely reported in recent weeks that Windows 7 is actually draining battery life much quicker than the user expects and it also displays the following message:

“Consider replacing your battery. There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly.”

According to Microsoft, Windows 7 uses firmware information of the laptop battery to determine whether it requires to be replaced and is currently working with it’s hardware partners to resolve this issue.

There’s a very long thread on Microsoft TechNet forum on this issue.  The problem also seems to affect a wide range of laptop manufacturers including, Acer, Dell, HP, Sony and Toshiba.

If you are considering getting a spare laptop battery, just to get a little bit more out of your Windows 7 laptop, then don’t forget DuracellDirect carries an extensive range of laptop batteries.   However, the universal external battery pack may be a better solution as it plugs into the laptops power socket with one of several special tips supplied.  So, even if you change your laptop or have an old one gathering dust, the external battery pack may still work and keep you powered up for longer.

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Duracell Trusted Everywhere Commercial – Fire Rescue Services

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Another popular commercial from Duracell’s, “Trusted Everywhere” campaign.  This time it is the Fire rescue services’ turn.

When the situation gets worse and even the firemen have to escape, the communicator is an important device they rely on.  A battery powered device, which could mean life or death.

So, if it’s just to listen to music or to save lives the Duracell coppertop battery can be trusted everywhere.

Watch more videos like this on DuracellDirect’s YouTube Channel.

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New Battery Chargers and USB Chargers, on the way

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Duracell USB Chargers

Duracell USB Chargers

Hot on the heels of the news about the Daylite range of LED torches is the news of brand new battery chargers and USB chargers.  Several sleek, compact devices are due to land on our shores.

The battery chargers and USB chargers have undergone a radical re-design.  In fact the Instant USB Charger actually was recently named  as an International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, see earlier post, “Duracell Instant Charger Honoured with Engineering and Design Award“.  The three new USB chargers have a built-in Lithium Ion battery which can power USB powered devices via mini USB/USB.  Depending on the charger devices like iPods, BlackBerries, iPhones, other mobile and smart phones, MP3 players and more.

Duracell Battery Chargers

Duracell Battery Chargers

The new battery chargers have also benefited from the new design used in the USB chargers.  Both, the Easy Charger and the Fast Charger, can charge AA and AAA size NiMH rechargeable batteries.  The Easy Charger is supplied with two AA size Duracell rechargeable batteries.  The Fast Charger, charges in 1 hour and is supplied with two AA size and AAA size Duracell StayCharged Batteries.

These exciting new charges will be in stock soon, along with the Daylite torches.  So, watch this space!

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New Range of Duracell Daylite LED Torches Coming Soon

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Duracell Daylite Torch

Duracell Daylite LED Torch

Duracell Daylite Headlamp

Duracell Daylite LED Headlamp

Duracell has released a new range of Daylite LED torches in the UK.  Comprising of new and updated models of the popular Daylite Torch.

These include, among several others, the Daylite LED Headlamp, Daylite Tough 4AA torch and the Daylite Tough Spotlight.  The Daylite range of torches is aimed at professionals, DIY enthusiasts, Outdoor/Sports enthusiasts and anyone else who fancies a really bright torch.  We featured the Daylite Torch in our post, “Duracell Daylite – Turn Night into Day“, many moons ago.

Constructed out of durable aircraft-grade aluminium construction, patented TrueBeam optics these torches strong, light and produce a smooth, even white light without any annoying spots or rings.  It achieves this by combining LED technology with precision focus lensing.  The light is up to 20X brighter than ordinary LEDs.

These torches are also water resistant with an IPX-4 rating.  The Daylite Tough torches are constructed out of durable polymer composite body to withstand knocks and drops.

We are awaiting stock of these new Daylite torches, watch this space for an announcement soon.

However, the Daylite 3AAA LED torch is actually, already available.  Check out the post, “Duracell Daylite – Turn Night into Day – Part 2“, if you would like to find out about the TrueBeam LED technology in action.

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How to Maximize your Smartphone’s Battery Life?

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You may have read our previous post, “Extend Your Digital Camera Battery’s Life“.  It was by no means an exhaustive list, but some useful tips to get more out of your digital camera battery.  Since smartphones are very popular, these days and not all built equal.  Indeed some have a very questionable battery life.

We are so attached to our smartphones now, that our lives would be unbearable without it.  Not a second passes by without checking emails on the Blackberry, playing with the latest app on iPhone, browsing the web, playing games or simply making calls.  All of these tasks eats away at the battery life at varying levels.  So, how do you maximize your smartphone’s battery life? Stop using it, well there is no need for such sarcasm.  A smartphone’s battery life is a very serious issue.

  • Switch off WiFi, Bluetooth and IR, turn it on only when you need to use them.  The auto-scanning, auto-search features uses a lot of battery power.
  • Limit wireless use if you really want to save battery life.  Use the your PC for updates, apps, music etc and then sync your smartphone by connecting to your PC.  This is usually faster.
  • Depending on your device, set a longer period for fetching emails.  Unless you are really busy and need to see your emails as soon as they are sent.  Setting it to fetch every 2 minutes maybe a little excessive and is sure to contribute to lowering the battery power.
  • Lower the backlight and screen brightness levels, especially with the new swanky LCD screens which just eat battery life like there’s no tomorrow.  Sure the photos don’t look the same, but you have to compromise, if you want to use your smartphone for longer periods.
  • Check battery usage to see which apps or functions are using the most battery power.  As some apps may be running in the background and some may not have stopped properly.  In some smartphones if an app is not exited properly it keeps working in the background.
  • GPS and A-GPS functions are cool and in some cases very helpful, but playing around with these on your walk home or to your friend’s house is going to drain the battery faster than you expect.  Limit the usage of these functions to when you are really lost or maybe a quick peek when you are showing off to your friends.
  • Turn off vibrate when playing games on your smartphone.  If you really need to have a complete gaming experience then, you really should be using a Sony PS3, Xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii.

You can always carry a spare battery or use clever battery chargers from Duracell.

The Duracell Pocket Charger or the Instant Charger are ideal, compact products that can be used to recharge devices that are powered through USB.  It may not provide power for a full day’s worth of surfing using WiFi and playing games, but it will certainly provide power to make a few quick calls, send a few text messages and check emails.  Perhaps, it will last till you get to a power source.

Keep your smartphone charged up and stay connected, so that you don’t feel as if all your limbs were cut off.

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New Duracell Smart Power Ad

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Check out the latest ad from Duracell as part of it’s Smart Power initiative.

This is the first ad to feature Duracell Rechargeable Batteries.

This ad features students from the Iowa Lakes Community College, who are future wind turbine technicians, in the US at least.

Whether you want to power a fan for a fresh breeze or keep the turbines running at peak performance Duracell rechargeable batteries are trusted everywhere.

Watch more videos like this on DuracellDirect’s YouTube Channel.

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ActiveCharge, StayCharged or Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries

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Duracell Pre-Charged Battery

Duracell Pre-Charged Batteries

As per previous post, New from Duracell – StayCharged Batteries, ActiveCharge batteries are now called StayCharged in the UK.

Over in the US of A , these batteries are called Pre-Charged.  Obviously, as they are pre-charged, ready to use straight out of the pack.

The Pre-Charged or StayCharged batteries are NiMH, just like the other rechargeable batteries made by Duracell.  These powerful batteries stay charged longer and can be recharged 100s of times.

These rechargeable batteries are best suited for use with high drain devices like video game controllers, high powered flashlights and digital cameras.  Pre-Charged or StayCharged batteries available in both AA and AAA sizes.

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New from Duracell – StayCharged Batteries

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Duracell StayCharge Batteries

Duracell StayCharged Batteries

Duracell has released a new range of rechargeable batteries called StayCharged batteries.  Well, that’s not entirely correct, it used to be called ActiveCharge.

StayCharged batteries retain their charge longer compared to other rechargeable batteries.  These batteries are also supplied pre-charged, ready to use straight out of the pack.

Compared Duracell Rechargeable Supreme batteries, StayCharged batteries retain 80% of charge for upto a year when not in use.  Staying charged longer means you don’t have to keep recharging.  These rechargeable batteries are available in both AA and AAA sizes.

So, remember, if you want batteries that stay charged longer consider the Duracell Rechargeable StayCharged batteries.

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mPower Emergency Illuminator – LED Torch Designed by Prosche

Posted in Accessories on January 18th, 2010 by
mPower Illuminator Porsche Design

mPower Illuminator Porsche Design

Got the car, now get the mPower Emergency Illuminator designed by the Porsche Design Studio.  This torch is also an International CES 2010 Design and Enginnering Honoree, like the Duracell Instant USB Power Charger.

A LED torch that will set you back a princely sum of about $300.  Well, what did you expect? designed by the famous Porsche Design Studio, a futuristic looking product and  is supplied with a special Lithium battery that has shelf life of 20 years!

This Lithium battery, called the mPower Power On Command Reserve Battery is not intended for day-to-day use, only for emergencies.  You can activate it when you really need it and once activated it gives enough power to light up the LED for two hours of continuous use.  The USB port on the torch can be used to power other devices as well like Smartphones, MP3 players and PDAs.  As mentioned before until it is activated the reserve battery has a shelf life of at least 20 years.

For day-to-day use two CR123 3V batteries provide the necessary power.  The high intensity LED is rated at 180 lumens, making this torch extremely bright.

Duracell Daylite Torch

Duracell Daylite LED Torch

Well, if the mPower Emergency Illuminator is not for you, then you may want to consider the Duracell Daylite LED torch.  Sure it’s not designed by the Porsche design Studio, but at a fraction of the cost, made with aircraft-grade aluminium, 80 lumens LED and TrueBeam optics it is definitely worth considering.  The Daylite LED torch is powered by 3 AAA size batteries.  The TrueBeam optics in the Daylite torch produces a bright, white, smooth even light without the annoying dark spot.

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Duracell Instant Charger Honoured with Engineering and Design Award

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The Duracell Instant USB Charger has been named International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.  The Design and Engineering Awards program is judged by a pre-eminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 36 product categories.

Duracell Instant USB Power Charger

Duracell Instant USB Power Charger

This is another product in the SmartPower range from Duracell.  No wonder it got an award, with it’s sleek lightweight design, it looks a lot like a smart phone than a USB charger.

The Duracell Instant USB Charger has a built in Lithium Ion Battery which can charge USB powered devices like BlackBerries, iPods, iPhones, smartphones, mobile phones, digital cameras and more.

You don’t need to look around for a power socket to recharge the Instant Charger.  A laptop or a PC with a spare USB socket would be more than adequate.  Making this a very handy portable power solution.

The Instant USB Charger is due to be released in the UK soon, so watch this space for news of the launch.

If you are after a USB charging solution and cannot wait for the new product to be released the older version of the Instant Power Charger is still available.  It is still lightweight and compact but not as sleek as the newer product.  There are a whole range of charging options available from DuracellDirect, including battery chargers.

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Facebook Petition to Release Duracell Ultra Battery Commercial Music as a Single

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It seems that many of you like the catchy tune featured in the current Duracell Ultra commercial – you know, the one with all those Duracell Bunnies.  Since we first featured the video of this commercial on our post, Duracell Ultra Bunny Twister Commercial, we have been inundated with positive feedback and requests to reveal the identity of the artist.

After a spot of investigation we were able to reveal in our post, Duracell Bunny Fusion Ad Music, that the music was commissioned and created for Duracell by Apollo Studios.  Unfortunately, at the moment Duracell have no plans to release it as a single or for download.

Unsatisfied?  You love it, we love it, let’s get them to release it…

Sign the Facebook petition today:       “Release the Duracell Ultra Battery Commercial Music as a Single”

Here is a reminder, enjoy.

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Happy New Year

Posted in Events, Fun Duracell Photos & Videos on January 7th, 2010 by
Duracell Bunny

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous 2010.

Happy New Year,  Glückliches Neues Jahr,  Bonne Année,  Felice Anno Nuovo,  Gott Nytt År,  Feliz Año Nuevo,    Godt Nytår,  Hyvää Uutta Vuotta,  Godt Nyttår,  Szczęsliwego Nowego Roku,  Štastný Nový Rok,  Gelukkig Nieuwjaar,  Boldog Új Évet

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Posted in Fun Duracell Photos & Videos on December 24th, 2009 by
Santa Bunny

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas………

Merry X’Mas   Frohe Weihnachten    Buon Natale    Joyeux Noël    Feliz Navidad    Feliz Natal    Glædelig Jul    メリークリスマス    God Jul    Hyvää Joulua   Wesolych Swiat    חג מולד שמח    Veselé Vánoce    圣诞快乐    Boldog Karácsonyt    Nadolig Llawen    Καλά Χριστούγεννα    Geseënde Kersfees    Mutlu Noeller    Nollaig Shona    क्रिसमस की शुभकामनाएँ    Merry Crimbo    Krisimasi Njema    Vrolijk Kerstfeest    С Рождеством

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Duracell Trusted Everywhere Commercial – Helicopter/Air Ambulance

Posted in Alkaline Batteries, Duracell Advert / Commercial, Fun Duracell Photos & Videos, Multi-purpose Products on December 23rd, 2009 by

Another commercial from the “Trusted Everywhere” campaign, from Duracell.

Duracell batteries are trusted everywhere, whether you what to power a remote controlled helicopter or ….  Well the real one is not powered by batteries, maybe in the future.

The paramedic is using a Duracell Daylite torch powered by standard alkaline batteries.

Watch more videos like this on DuracellDirect’s YouTube Channel.

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Batteries Made From Paper

Posted in Camera & Camcorder Batteries & Chargers, Fun Duracell Photos & Videos, Multi-purpose Products on December 22nd, 2009 by

Is that even possible, batteries from ordinary office paper?  Well, scientists at Stanford University, California have done just that.

They coated a sheet of paper with special ink made of carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires.  Making this coated paper a highly conductive storage device.

Similar to batteries, the coated sheet of paper actually behaves like a super capacitor.  Storing and discharging electricity very rapidly.

Video of this technology in action:

Watch more videos like this on DuracellDirect’s YouTube Channel.

Apart from low-cost, the paper battery worked even when folded, crumpled and soaked in acidic or basic solutions.  What happens if it is set alight?  Apparently, this is yet to be tested.

According to the scientists, this paper battery/supercapacitor may be used in applications like electric or hybrid cars and large-scale storage of electricity on the distribution grid.

With this advancement in technology, you have to wonder how the old reliable AA and AAA batteries will evolve in years to come.  Even digital camera or camcorder batteries.

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