Duracell "The Return", Ad Campaign Wins Awards

Duracell’s “The Return”, ad campaign, also known as “Some Toys Never Die” has won a number of awards at SPH iink Awards 2013 in Singapore. Two of the ads won Gold in different categories and the creative agency behind the campaign, The Grey Group, won the Grand Prix  award and was also named the iink Creative Agency of the Year. Congratulations to the Grey Group, Singapore.

Duracell Powered Robot
Duracell Battery Powered Puppy
Duracell Battery Powered Doll

Toys powered by Duracell batteries, return. They never seem to die.

Duracell Power Me Competition

The Guardian is running a competition in association with Duracell and the Duracell Power Me campaign. There is one Canon PowerShot SX260 HS digital compact camera up for grabs! The Power ME campaign by Duracell is all about supporting people with their new goals and life ambitions. Check out all the fun, adventurous and gruelling challenges by people at Duracell’s Facebook page.
Canon PowerShot SX260 HS
The PowerShot SX260 HS compact digital camera from Canon seems to best suited to capture those important moments. Especially if you are taking part in a challenge yourself.

The camera boasts a 12.1 megapixel sensor, GPS tagging & journey logs, full HD movie capture and 20x superzoom with ultra wide angle lens.

It’s worth carrying a spare Canon NB-6L battery, instead of missing out at the crucial moment.

Stop Guessing – Duracell Portable USB Charger

We have all been there, carrying on a conversation or sending and receiving text messages (SMS) without realising the power left in the smartphone’s battery. Just before you can complete the conversation or message, the smartphone stops working. Especially annoying if you were giving directions or something else equally important!

Using a Duracell Portable USB Charger you don’t have to keep yourself or the other person guessing. Quickly re-charge your smartphone battery and carry on with the conversation.

Duracell Charger - Stop Guessing

This print advertising was developed by Ogilvy, Paris, Source: Adsoftheworld

Improved Battery Life with Intel's Latest Processors

IntelIntel’s latest processors, the 4th generation Core Haswell are supposed to offer significant performance benefits including an improved battery life. Laptops and Ultrabooks have come forward in leaps and bounds in terms of performance and portability only to be held back by battery life. This seems to be the ‘holy grail’ for laptop manufacturers. Consumers, especially business users prefer longer run-times instead of having to plug-in all the time. The higher specification hardware certainly needs to be powered well to use it effectively. The latest Haswell processors in models like the HP Envy TouchSmart, like the one pictured, are boasting over 6 hours battery life. The Ultrabook status for a laptop has to meet some stringent criteria in terms of battery performance. A laptop should be able to play HD video for over six hours without the battery being recharged.HP Envy TouchSmart

Unfortunately, older HP laptops do not have this advanced power efficient processor. Unless you are planning to upgrade you can always consider getting a spare HP laptop battery. Carrying a second laptop battery ensures that you are not going to run of power when you are travelling or when you are not near a plug socket.

Duracell Battery Powered Toys Never Die

You may have got the latest toy, but the old one that was thrown away has come back. Just like the Duracell Bunny, toys powered by Duracell batteries also lasts longer.

Duracell Powered Robot

This is from a campaign called “Some Toys Never Die”, developed by Grey, Source: Adsoftheworld

The World's End Movie Competition

Absolute Radio is running a competition to celebrate the release of The World’s End movie. This should be another belly full of laughs from the dynamic duo, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If you are a fan of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz then The World’s End is a must.

Absolute Radio are going to be a giving away an Apple iPad Mini, a Duracell torch, pack of 4 Cornetto ice creams and £100 iTunes vouchers. The high power Duracell Voyager Xenon torch has the following features:

  • Xenon bulb type
  • 15 lumen power
  • High intensity bulb
  • Rubber grip
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Batteries: 2 x AA (included)

If you are looking for an LED torch then Duracell have quite a comprehensive range of LED torches and even LED bike lights.

Hot Summer Deals from DuracellDirect

Hot Summer Deals

Are you ready for your summer holidays? Booked flights and hotel or is it going to be a “staycation”? Can’t contain your excitement and counting down the days/hours to the holiday?

More importantly, have you got all your essentials? Holiday clothes, travel money, essential reading etc. Don’t forget batteries, chargers and memory cards. These are easily forgotten. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a beautiful location with camera in hand, but with an empty battery. Worse still with a memory card full of images that you forgot to transfer over and did not really want to delete in the first place.

Avoid disappointment and grab your power essentials from Duracell Direct before travelling.

What is SDXC?

Duracell SDXC Memory CardSDXC is the newest standard for SD memory cards. It supports storage capacities from 32GB – 2TB! Some of the newest digital cameras and camcorders support the SDXC standard. Apart from the extended storage capacity it also benefits from higher speeds, for faster capture and retrieval of data. There are two Ultra High Speed classes, UHS I and II. UHS-I supports 50MB/s – 104MB/s and UHS-II supports 156MB/s – 312MB/s.

With all the different standards it can be confusing, and the question in everyone’s minds is, what will work in my camera or camcorder? The answer is, always use the correct memory card standard supported by your device or recommended by the manufacturer. SDXC memory cards work in devices that support SDXC format. SDHC memory cards will work in devices designed for SDHC and also SDXC format. SD memory cards will work in all SD formats. If you have an older device which supports SD memory card, then your choice is limited to SD only. Even though, newer devices can still use the older SD standards you cannot enjoy the benefits of extended capacity and high speed.

Smartphone Battery Life Redux

Samsung Galaxy S4Smartphones are always in the news these days like new product launches, leaks about forthcoming models, reviews and comparisons. Recently, there have been a lot of coverage on smartphone battery life. You may have read our previous posts, “How to Maximize your Smartphone’s Battery Life?” or “How to Maximize your Android phone’s Battery Life?”. It seems that the following points needs to be considered as well:

1. Keep cool – warm phone/battery results in the battery to deplete faster and overall the maximum capacity of the battery is reduced.

2. Don’t charge it to 100% – Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, charging it to 80% and recharging it when it reaches about 40% is much better than fully charging it.

3. Using an app to manage/extend battery life – the app controls applications and connections depending on the phone’s state.

An alternative to those dire situations with an empty battery is the 3 hour portable USB charger, which is a battery itself. As long as your smartphone can be charged using a USB this will be an ideal accessory. Simply connect your smartphone to the USB charger to charge your smartphone battery. Extending the smartphone battery life to finish that conversation or complete that difficult level whilst on the move.