Give Your Batteries a Shake to Recharge

It’s true, Brother Industries from Japan are working on just that.  Rechargeable batteries in AA and AAA sizes which can be shaken to re-charge.  These batteries can also be connected to a shake generator which can be shaken to re-charge the batteries.  These rechargeable batteries are aptly named, Vibration Energy Cell.

These rechargeable batteries would not be suitable for high drain devices like digital cameras.  However, they will be suitable for low drain devices like remote controls.  So, when your tv remote seems like it’s running out of power, just give it a quick shake and you can go back to surfing the channels again.  This vibration powered battery would be ideal in a Wii remote control.  Playing a vigorous game of tennis on Nintendo Wii would actually recharge the batteries.

So, in actual fact the previous post named, “What do you do when the batteries in the TV remote dies?”, should include “Shake remote vigorously”.

Since, this is only at a prototype stage and no plans of mass production from Brother yet, you can always rely on Duracell rechargeable batteries.  With Duracell Standard, Supreme or StayCharged there are batteries for high drain and low drain devices.

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