Battery Charging Made Colourful

Duracell Mini Colour Chargers
Duracell Mini Colour Battery Charger

Duracell has made the world of battery charging more colourful with the launch of these neat little battery chargers.  The Mini Colour Charger is available in Blue, Green and Pink.

These colourful Mini Chargers are supplied with 2 AA size rechargeable ActiveCharge batteries.  As featured in a previous post the ActiveCharge batteries are supplied pre-charged ready to use.

In fact these  Mini Chargers are suitable for any AA size NiMH rechargeable batteries not just the ActiveCharge batteries supplied.

The Duracell Mini Colour Charger makes an ideal gift or stocking filler.  Take the charger out of the packaging and leave it someone’s desk and they could easily mistake it for a shiny new wireless desktop mouse!

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