Samsung Galaxy Tab, Powered by Android

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Android
Samsung Galaxy Tab Android

Tablets, slates or pads whatever you want to call them, they are all the rage at the moment.  Even, Blackberry is working on it’s own tablet.  It all started with the launch of the Apple iPad.  Yes, we have all seen the TV adverts and Stephen Fry drool all over it in the news reports during the launch.  Are tablets here to stay?  Is it a useful product or one of those gadgets that end up in the bottom of the drawer.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is actually a larger version of your Android smartphone and yes it is a phone as well.  The TV show “Trigger Happy TV” and the sketch with Dom Joly and the enormous phone comes to mind.  Like all Android devices it is very easy to use and all the familiar apps are available.  However, it is much better to view videos and use Google Maps on the Galaxy Tab than on the small screen of a smartphone.

There are plenty of in-depth and comprehensive reviews on the Galaxy Tab,  like the one aptly named, “Stuff to keep you sane”.  The Galaxy Tab seems like a useful gadget, especially if you commute to work or college by train or bus.  The larger screen of the Tab is much better for watching videos, playing games and web surfing than on an Android smartphone.  Especially, if you are using Google Maps, other mapping websites or route finders.

The big question in everyone’s mind right now is, “Is it better than an Apple iPad?”  The answer confusingly is, it depends.  “Yes”, if you don’t like Apple products or if you don’t like to be tied down to Apple’s software and,  “No”, if you are an Apple fan or already have other Apple products like the iPod and iPhone and want to seamlessly use all devices together.

According to, “Stuff to keep you sane”, the battery lasted a whopping 25 hours on a single charge.  Normally, these sort of devices last much less.  Unfortunately, the Tab does not have a USB port for charging or data transfer.  You will have to use Samsung’s special USB cable for both of these purposes, so it is not exactly cable free and forget the cable at your peril.

Duracell have a range of products that can be used to charge the Galaxy Tab, like the USB power reserves.    The Instant USB charger and the 2-in1 USB charger are actual Lithium ion batteries which can be used to charge other devices.  They can in turn be re-charged through the USB as well.  If you really need power on the go then the USB In-Car Charger is ideal.  The In-Car charger fits in the 12V car cigarette socket and has a USB socket which you can plug your device into to charge.  So, if you are thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab this Christmas then the Instant USB charger or the USB In-Car Charger makes a nice addition and you will never be out of power.