World's Largest Chocolate Duracell Bunny

Chocolate Duracell Bunny

Worlds Largest Chocolate Duracell Bunny

The World’s largest chocolate bunny has been created in South Africa by artist, Harry Johnson.  This chocolate bunny is an exact replica of the iconic Duracell Bunny.

The chocolate bunny is 3.82 m tall (12ft 5in) and weighs a whopping 3 tons (2,721Kg) setting the new world record for the largest chocolate bunny.  The previous record was by Brazil with the bunny weighing in at 2.8 tons.

To prevent the chocolate from melting the bunny is stored in a special perspex housing with a cooling system.  After a week, the chocolate bunny is going to be broken down and 250 underprivileged children will get a chance to taste it.

You have seen the adverts where the Duracell Bunny has battery on his back whether he is mountain climbing or running around the city.  So, just wondering how many batteries it would take to keep a bunny this size going, or would it be one humongous D size battery?

New Duracell Ultra Lithium AA Batteries

Duracell Ultra Lithium Batteries

Duracell Ultra Lithium Batteries

Brand new Ultra Lithium AA size batteries from Duracell.  These are supposed to be their most powerful battery.  Ultra Lithium batteries are currently available in specialist sizes like CR-V3, CR2 and CR123A.  These particular Lithium batteries are commonly used in older cameras and flash units.

The new Ultra Lithium AA size batteries are non-rechargeable and will be best suited for use with high-drain devices like cameras, even digital cameras which are powered by AA batteries.

This due to be released in Europe soon and no dates have been confirmed for UK yet.

So, watch this space for more news!

Nokia's Self-Charging Batteries

Have you heard the latest?  Nokia has filed patents on the concept of self-charging mobile phone batteries.  We all know that Nokia is very innovative, but self-charging batteries, is it possible?

Self-charging technology already exists, it has been used in Seiko Kinetic watches for over 20 years.  Seiko’s Kinetic watches make use of Piezoelectric crystals to generate an electric charge.  As details are sketchy at the moment, it is unclear how the mobile phone will be setup.

However, one thing is for sure,  the movement of the phone will generate electricity to charge the main battery or if it generates enough electricity it may even power the phone, doing away with the battery altogether.  The latter is unlikely as mobile phones these days are packed with features that are extremely power hungry.  Features like touch sensitive colour LCD screens and digital cameras with flash, to name a few.

So, does this mean we can give the mobile phone a quick shake during a call, just to keep it powered until the end of the conversation.

Duracell Battery Tattoo – Would you get one done?

Would you get a tattoo of a Duracell battery?  Well, it seems someone has just done that!  A tattoo of a Duracell 9V size battery.

Duracell 9V Size Battery Tattoo

Duracell 9V Size Battery Tattoo

Amazing, isn’t it?  A true fan of the iconic coppertop battery.

Credit to

New Duracell Daylite LED Torches, in Stock Now

Duracell Daylite Headlamp

Duracell Daylite LED Torch

New Duracell Daylite led torches are now in stock.

These smart torches constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminium are available in a variety of sizes.  The Daylite range consists of 3-AAA, 2-AA, 2-C, 2-D and the Headlamp 3-AA.  While, the names of these torches may not be original or creative, it does convey a very important message.  It lets you know the type of battery and the quantity required to power the torch.  The 3-AAA, the original Daylite torch takes three AAA size batteries and the 2-D torch takes two D size batteries.  As mentioned in our previous post, “New Range of Duracell Daylite LED Torches Coming Soon“, they all boast the patented TrueBeam optics to produce a brighter white light.

There are also 3 new Daylite Tough torches, the 4AA torch, the Spotlight and the 6V Lantern.  The Daylite Tough range are durable, rugged and also have non-slip rubber grips.  These are ideal for use around the house, outdoors or for industrial jobs.

Duracell Daylite Spotlight

Duracell Daylite Tough Spotlight

Both the Daylite range and the Daylite Tough range have 5x more battery life than incandescent bulb torches and produce a brighter, even white light without any dark spots.

New Duracell Battery & USB Chargers Now In Stock

Duracell USB Chargers

Duracell USB Chargers

The new Battery and USB Chargers from Duracell are now in stock.  These were featured in previous posts, “New Battery Chargers and USB Chargers, on the way” and “Duracell Instant Charger Honoured with Engineering and Design Award“.

The two new rechargeable battery chargers are the One Hour Fast Charger and the Easy Charger.  Both are supplied with 2 Duracell AA rechargeable batteries and the One Hour Fast charger is also supplied with 2 Duracell AAA rechargeable batteries.

Duracell Battery Chargers

Duracell Battery Chargers

There are three new USB chargers, the Pocket USB Charger, the 2-in-1 USB Charger and the iconic and award winning, Instant USB Charger.

Whether you need to recharge your AA or AAA rechargeable batteries or recharge your mobile devices like smartphones and MP3 players, there are plenty of smart solutions from Duracell.

AAA Battery Powered Mobile Phone

AAA Battery Powered Phone

AAA Battery Powered Mobile Phone

Would you believe it? A mobile phone powered by AAA size alkaline batteries.

In fact it does not have to be alkaline batteries it could be any AAA size batteries, or even rechargeable NiMH cells.  Olive Telecommunications based in India have come up with this brilliant product.  The mobile phone is aptly named, FrvrOn (short for Forever On).

It does have a Lithium Ion battery like any other mobile phone, but it also has the capability to be charged by the single AAA size battery.  Giving the user an additional hour or so of talktime.  The phone even boasts a 1.5 inch colour LCD screen.

You won’t be blamed for wondering, why a larger higher capacity Lithium Ion battery was not used?  This is due to the nature of electricity supply in rural areas of India, where it is very erratic.  As a low cost mobile phone this would serve as a life-line to the users based in such areas.  Also, not forgetting those who are constantly on the move or are working in the field where a power socket is hard to come by.

Using a Duracell Plus or Ultra AAA size batteries should give more talk time and using Duracell Rechargeable batteries might make the mobile phone truly forever on.

Battery Recycling at DuracellDirect

Did you know that now, you can send/bring your old batteries to DuracellDirect for recycling?  Well, as a result of the new EU Batteries Directive, there are a lot of locations for you to recycle your old, spent batteries including here, at DuracellDirect.

You shouldn’t throw batteries in your household waste anymore.  Almost all types of batteries can be recycled and those that cant are treated for safe disposal.  Since, this directive came into force there numerous places where you can recycle your batteries including retailers and supermarkets.  Follow the link and find your nearest battery recycling collection point.

Thinking about that old car battery in your garage?  Well, the answer is no.  You will have to contact your Local Authority to find out how to recycle these batteries.  This applies to any specialist industrial batteries as well.  Not implying that you have these batteries lying around the house!

Anticipating your questions and to provide more useful information, check out our Battery Recycling section.

Help the environment, Go Green, STOP throwing your batteries and START recycling.