Smart Batteries That Can Communicate With Your Smartphone

Duracell SD1500B4 Rechargeable Smart BatteriesDuracell Rechargeable Smart Batteries are the first rechargeable batteries that can communicate with your Android smartphone using Near Field Communication Technology. This enables you, via the free Duracell Smart Reader App, to know how much power is left in your batteries, and when it is time to replace or recharge them. All this without having to remove the batteries from the device.

Available in a  Smart Battery starter kit with a fantastic fast charger and 4 AA batteries or as 4 AA pack for use in your existing Duracell charger.

Please note that this product currently works with Android 2.2 devices or later and not iPhone.

The Duracell Smart battery has a special chip that communicates with the NFC technology in the back of your Android phone when held closely together.Duracell SDC1500B4 Rechargeable Smart Batteries & Charger

It’s simplicity itself to use. Simply:

  1. Directly touch the back of your Android phone to the battery compartment of the device while making sure your hand is not covering the back of the phone.
  2. Slowly move your Android phone around (up and down/side to side) while it is touching the device until the scan is successful
  3. The % remaining in the battery is then displayed and you can choose the device to see the estimated runtime remaining.

Check out the video for more information:


Charge Your Batteries Before Flying to the US

DR6001A Duracell USB Travel ChargerYou may want to re-charge “your” batteries with a well earned holiday in the United States of America but you will have to make sure that your smartphone, tablet  and laptop batteries are fully charged before boarding the plane. New enhanced security measures implemented by the Department for Homeland Security means that security officers may ask you to turn on some devices. Powerless devices may not be permitted to board the aircraft.

Now that’s one more thing for you to remember to do before leaving for the airport, making sure the batteries are fully charged.

If you are travelling with a lot of gadgets then it might be cumbersome to carry all the different chargers. A tangled mass of cables and adapters at the bottom of your bag. You should really consider a Duracell USB Travel Charger. It has dual USB ports that can charger a multitude of devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras and mp3 players. It is also supplied with plug adapters for UK, Europe, US and Australia. So, now there is no excuse for not having your devices fully charged during your travels.

Travel Essentials from DuracellDirect

Duracell Travel Looking forward to your summer holidays? Going travelling, jet-setting around the world or is it going to be a stay-cation?Duracell Travel Kit

Got all the essentials? like Sun screen, Hat, Shades, Flip-flops and Sandals. What about a beach towel?


Well, you will get a Duracell Beach Towel FREE with the Duracell Travel Kit exclusively from DuracellDirect.


You can trust Duracell this summer. This great value TRAVEL KIT includes everything you need to stay connected all summer long on holiday and at the beach.


This special kit includes a 3hr Emergency back up charger to keep your smartphone charged. An 8 pack of AA and AAA Ultra Power batteries with Powercheck and a worldwide dual USB travel charger for your iPad or Tablet PC allowing you to surf the web, read a book, and capture those special moments the whole day long and be ready to recharge that night for the next day! All for just £44.99 with a massive 30% saving versus the separate selling prices.


This exclusive kit also comes with a FREE Duracell beach towel to dry you off after that dip in the pool or sea!

  • 3 Hour emergency charger comes with Mini & Micro USB cable and will charge iPhone and other smartphones*
  • Dual USB Tablet PC Charger with UK, EU, USA and AU power sockets.**
  • UltraPower AAA batteries provide upto 40% more power Vs Duracell Plus & include a Powercheck tester
  • UltraPower AA batteries provide upto 40% more power Vs Duracell Plus & include a Powercheck tester

* Compatible with iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, E-reader, Amazon Kindle, and most MP3 players , mobile phones and Smartphones using their dedicated Charging cables.(Not Supplied)   Duracell Beach Towel

** Suitable for iPhone 3, 4 , 5, iPad 2, 3, 4 & iPad mini iPod touch, Android devices from HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Kindle, Kindle Fire & BlackBerry using the device specific USB cable (not Supplied)

Summer Festival Essentials from DuracellDirect

Duracell Festival KitPlanning to go to a few festivals this summer? Well, don’t forget to pack the Duracell Festival Kit exclusively from DuracellDirect.Duracell Festival Kit

This great value FESTIVAL KIT includes everything you need to stay safe and connected all summer long at whatever Music festival or Summer event you attend.


This special kit includes a 5hr Emergency back up charger to keep your smartphone charged. An 8 pack of AA Ultra Power batteries with Powercheck, a 9 LED super bright pocket torch and an 8gb Micro SD card and SD adapter so you never miss a chance to capture that special moment on your phone or camera. All for just £49.99 with a massive 25% saving versus the separate selling prices.


This exclusive kit also comes with a FREE DURACELL UMBRELLA to keep you dry in that dreaded summer shower or in the shade if the sun gets too hot!Duracell Umbrella

  • The  5 Hour emergency charger comes with Mini & Micro USB cable and will charge iPhone and other smartphones*
  • Tough  Torch has 9 LED’s for super brightness and includes 3 AAA Plus Power Batteries
  • 8gb microSD includes a fullsize SD adapter and is capable of storing 4000 8 Megapixel images
  • UltraPower AA batteries provide upto 40% more power Vs Duracell Plus and include a powercheck tester


* Compatible with iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, E-reader, Amazon Kindle, and most MP3 players , mobile phones and Smartphones using their dedicated Charging cables.(Not Supplied) – Not suitable for Tablets

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Overheating Apple 5W European Power Adapters

Apple 5W EU USB AdapterApple is offerring to exchange 5W European USB power adapters which were supplied with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4A models shipped between October 2009 – September 2012 or purchased as a standalone accessory.Duracell DR6001A USB Travel Charger

According to Apple, the USB power adapter may overheat and pose a safety risk. To find out if you are affected visit the adapter exchange program.

Chekout Duracell’s portable USB chargers including the Dual USB Travel Charger. Ideal for charging smartphone and tablets including iPhones, iPods and iPads. It also comes supplied with UK, EU, US and AU plug adapters, making it a truly global product. More importantly it is not affected by any safety recalls.

Celebrate Fathers Day with Braun and DuracellDirect

Celebrate Fathers Day with BraunHave you got your Dad a gift yet? Why not celebrate this Fathers Day with Braun and DuracellDirect. Award-winning shaving performance for outstanding dads.

Get a free £10 Sports Direct online gift card when you spend £39.98 or more on Braun and Oral-B products. Just enter the code HZDRV-42 at checkout to claim your voucher.

Order by 3pm Tuesday 10th for delivery before Fathers Day.

Panasonic Recall Laptop Batteries in Europe

Panasonic CF-H2 Battery RecallPanasonic is recalling battery packs for it’s Toughbook CF-H2 tablets, sold between June 2011 and May 2012. It is also recalling accessory battery packs bought or changed during service between June 2011 and November 2011.

Check if you are affected and follow the advice given in their product recall mesage.

This follows Sony’s and Lenovo’s recent product recalls of their laptop batteries. All affected laptop batteries overheated and in some cases ignited. It must be said that in Panasonic’s case they are recalling it as a precaution.

Laptop batteries at DuracellDirect do not suffer from the same problems faced by Panasonic, Sony or Lenovo. These batteries are developed and manufactured independently. The manufacturing process is not carried out at the same factories. Also, further in-house testing is carried out by engineers to ensure that the products are safe and conform to the highest standards.


Charge Your Smartphone in 30 seconds!

Can you believe it? 30 seconds!

Check out the video below, where they fully charge a Samsung smartphone in 30 seconds:

This is an innovative, prototype charger from a startup company called StoreDot. The phone charger is made up of molecular sized organic compounds, making it a biological semiconductor.

Sadly, it is still a prototype.

In the meantime you can check out our range of smartphone chargers and portable USB chargers.

Watch more videos like this on DuracellDirect’s YouTube Channel.